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Big trouble in little tines


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I recently got an april yang dual kalimba and the uppermost 4 keys are so stiff they dont resonate at all. Ive been trying to loosen them by bending them but it doesnt seem to be helping. What can i do?


Yea, the uppermost four keys kinda sound like they "buzz" sometimes, but I find that plucking it harder and wiggling the tines seem to do fine. Otherwise, you'll probably have to tune the tines in a way that would make it not stiff haha. Good luck!

Ive tried retuning it as well and bending/wiggling the tines to no effect unfortunately

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look at the video. Unfortunately that didn't help with my "cheap Kalimbas", it stayed with all Kalimbas.

I took out the slats and sanded them to make them narrower, which brought some improvement.

Since I've had the Kalimbas from HOKEMA or BOLF, I've had all the tones clear, clean and just sound great.


Greetings from Saskia